Sunday School


The close-knit communities of believers who comprise our adult Sunday School are strong, vital groups that have a profound impact on the life of our congregation. Our classes offer wonderful potential for members to build faith-based relationships with each other and God.  We believe that the Sunday School hour is sacred and should be a vivid and valid connection to the United Methodist Church’s mission and vision: “Follow Jesus! Make Disciples! Transform the World!” You are invited to visit any group listed below and experience the life-affirming power of an Adult Sunday School Class.


Warm and caring fellowship is the glue that holds the Epworth Class together. The lesson material is the lectionary-based Adult Bible Studies, published by Cokesbury. There are well-prepared and dedicated teachers and open discussion is encouraged.


The Celebration Class meets as the close-knit, informal group examines the Lord’s purpose in our daily lives. Our group is a reflection of Kingswood’s family and we enjoy our time together each week. Lessons vary according to the liturgical season of the year.


The name of our class suggests what it’s all about: we seek to walk closer to our Lord, to each other and to grow in faith. We welcome anyone who shares those desires. We prefer an interactive discussion format and provide a safe, caring place to share beliefs, concerns, questions, joy and sorrows.  Our class is active in a wide variety of church programs.

10:10 CLASS

The class usually gets underway around 10:10 am, hence the name of our group! Our format is very relaxed and participation is encouraged as are ideas for topics for future studies. Lively and thought-provoking discussions are based on the Bible and its message to us.

Children’s Classes

We offer two children’s classes: Preschool – grade 2 and grades 3 – 5

Youth Class

We offer a class for grades 6 – 12