Youth Director Position Available

Position Description:
Director of Youth Ministries (Part-time – salaried exempt).
15 hours per week (approximately) at $300.00/week.

E-mail resume and three references to: Rev. Jeff Sypole.
Church: 336-969-5437

This position is part of Kingswood United Methodist Church’s (KUMC) mission to foster lifelong Christian discipleship within our church and community and is focused on the needs of our Youth (Junior/Senior High School Students.)

The Director of Youth Ministries reports to the Pastor and will receive general direction and guidance from the Pastor. The general objectives of KUMC’s Youth ministries include providing spiritually-based learning opportunities which offer the redemptive love of God as revealed through Jesus Christ.

We are seeking a person with deep Christian faith and principles who has training in and/or practical experience in leading/implementing a strong faith-building program that will equip young people for effective, loving discipleship. This person must possess the communication and interpersonal skills to inspire trust and participation by servant-leaders, parents and youth, and the confidence and maturity to deal successfully with challenges as they arise. As a part-time employee, this person should stay prayer-centered, task-focused and goal-oriented in order to fulfill the needs of the position and maintain work-life balance.

Accountable to the Pastor and, in turn, the Staff Parish Relations Committee on matters concerning employment: support, job description, salary, benefits and evaluation. Work effectively with servant leaders to drive the programming vision.

Accountable to the Pastor in matters of day to day supervision, work schedule and Youth program ministry, etc. This staff member should not be asked to substitute for the senior minister in visitations, church meetings or external meetings that do not directly relate to the Youth program.

It is vital that the congregation sees this staff member fully focused on KUMC’s Youth group and produces clear, positive results in terms of the caliber of those programs and their effectiveness in attracting and retaining families with youth.

Relationship Building

  • Be a mentor, teacher, companion, resource and role model for the youth and their families.
  • Proactively reach out to all youth, active and inactive.
  • With prior approval by the Pastor, significant relational time with youth is expected. This may involve breakfast meetings, attendance of concerts, plays, sporting events, etc. Could also include home visits.
  • Participate/lead in the Confirmation process, including retreats and outings, as directed by the Pastor.


  • Under the direction of the Pastor, develop and provide leadership for a comprehensive, Christ-focused program of Youth ministry.
  • Provides Christian leadership for weekly Youth Meetings, the “cornerstone” of KUMC’s Youth ministries. Youth meetings are held on Sunday evenings.
  • Responsible for and leads effective weekly Youth Meetings with prepared and structured “spiritual lessons” and time for recreational/social mixers during the Sunday evening meetings.
  • Leads and promotes participation in planned local faith-based service projects, approved outings, Conference and District events and other local church and inter-denominational youth ministry events.
  • Provide and post detailed calendar of events after structuring a plan at six-month intervals that includes overall mission, scheduled annual outings (Spiritus, concerts, etc.), measurable goals, action plans for achieving each goal, needed resources, etc.
  • Work with Pastor on annual budget, KUMC Youth volunteers, and appropriate resources/teaching materials.
  • Linked with Youth Sunday School: Coordinate with the Pastor to ensure that the SS program (grades 6-12) is properly aligned with the vision and goals of a comprehensive Youth ministry.
  • Effectively communicate and promote all Youth meetings, events and activities in the church bulletin, newsletter, website, e-mail, social media, mailings and announcements on KUMC’s phone tree.


  • Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Experience in leading/working effectively with Christian youth groups. Has a successful proven track record in leadership roles within Youth ministries.
  • Under the general, overall direction of the Pastor has the ability to work independently and drive/lead a successful, Christian faith-based youth program.
  • Successful experience in teaching a Christian curriculum, teaching youth classes, etc. Requires excellent facilitation skills and advanced communication skills.
  • Excellent people skills, ability to lead/relate to Youth groups. Have advanced, mature skills to appropriately resolve and/or appropriately elevate sensitive issue and conflicts within the Youth group.
  • Flexibility and ability to work within an organization; receptive to programming direction and constructive feedback from the Pastor and other volunteer church leaders.
  • Dependability and punctuality is imperative.
  • Must satisfactorily complete a ninety (90) day introductory period to ensure a positive job match for both the Director of Youth Ministries and KUMC.
  • Subscribes to the highest standards of Christian witnessing and ethical conduct.
  • Supports sound Christian doctrine.