College Age

The College Kids Class is open to anyone College age through completing a Doctorate degree!  As long as you are College Age, we would love to have you fellowship with us. This class meets on a very irregular schedule due to the college kids being away at college! Here are some examples of our activities:

Before the beginning of the current school year, we focused on the book Three Simple Things based on John Wesley’s work. The college students are carrying with them these three simple things as they go through their college experience.

This work was completed last summer. We then met during Fall and Christmas breaks. We enjoyed a bonfire, movie, and other food-filled events during breaks as we planned for the College Sunday service held in January. We will meet during Spring Breaks and pick up again in the summer.

We notify each other of meetings and outings through text messages and/or email!  Our class meets in the Church Parlor if we are meeting during the traditional Sunday School hour but we also meet at member’s homes and restaurants.  If you are college age and interested in a class, please see Jerry or Lisa Williamson for more information, or text 336-817-2185 to be included in the texting group.