Children’s Sunday School

We are blessed to have dedicated, long-term teachers in each of our children’s Sunday School classes, providing an atmosphere of Christian love and learning. Learning is interactive, with a focus on Bible stories as well as application in today’s world, and is reinforced with outreach and craft activities.

Classes are provided for PreK-Kindergarten; 1st-2nd grade; and 3rd-5th grade; all are located in the children’s division on the lower level of the church. Music Time is offered at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings for children of all ages.


Children in Worship

Kingswood is a child-friendly church. We provide a children’s bulletin that follows the adult bulletin but provides explanations for each part of the worship service. We also provide Worship Kits which include activity sheets, crayons, stickers, etc. and which should be returned at the end of the service. During the worship service, children come to the front of the sanctuary for a brief time with the minister or to sing or play bells – a favorite with our congregation!  Children also participate in our worship experience by serving as acolytes.

Following Children’s Time, preschoolers through 2nd graders are invited to leave the sanctuary for a Worship Experience of their own in the Worship Room at the end of the hallway leading out from the sanctuary. During this time, the children learn about the sanctuary through manipulative play with a wooden model of the sanctuary complete with moveable furniture, role-playing the parts of acolyte, organist, minister, ushers, etc. and making a craft.


For infants and toddlers through age 2, a nursery is provided each Sunday during Sunday School and the worship service. The nursery is located on the lower floor in the children’s division. In addition to playing with the little ones in their care, nursery workers read a Bible story and play church music in order to introduce them to Jesus as early as possible!

Special Events for Children

Throughout the year, there are special events for our children scheduled around key holidays such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. We also provide opportunities for fellowship at the church as well as swim parties, skating, bowling, etc. Throughout the year there is emphasis on growing in faith and using our talents to help others.

Vacation Bible School is a special event held each summer for preschool and elementary children. Sometimes VBS extends for several evenings, and sometimes it is a one-day interactive learning experience. Watch the church calendar for dates and details.

Safe Sanctuary Guidelines

Kingswood UMC is committed to provide the safest environment possible for all children and youth who enter the doors of the church and/or participate in the ministries offered.  This policy gives guidelines and procedures to those individuals and ministries that work with children and youth.  The policy allows the church to strive to provide an atmosphere which fosters physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and safety.  Contact the church office to see the complete policy and to secure any forms that need to be filled out to serve as an adult volunteer.