By Confirmation

Any baptized child in the sixth grade or higher who completes Confirmation Classes taught by the minister and the staff and who takes the vows of membership can be confirmed as a full member.


By Profession of Faith

Adults who have not been baptized can become members by participating in a short rite professing their faith in Christ as their personal Savior, by being baptized, and by taking the vows of membership.


By Transfer from Another Denomination

A member in good standing of any denomination who has been baptized may become a member by supplying a proper certificate of transfer from your former church, and by taking our membership vows. If you provide the church name and address, the office can request the certificate for you.


By Transfer from Another United Methodist Church

A member in good standing of any United Methodist Church who has been baptized can simply transfer her or his membership to Kingswood via a standard letter sent from our church office to the person’s former parish.